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Median Wakeup Time

Retrieve the usual (median) wake up time of the use based on past 14 data points of data.

End Point

    GET https://www.lifecare.sg/lifecare/informativeAnalytics/getMedianWakeupTime


Key Type Description Example Defined Required
DeviceId String Gateway MAC Address z0a78298473 --
Day Date Stamp Day of the analysis 2015-01-01 --


Value Type Description
median_wakeup_time Date Timestamp Calculated usual wake up time of the user based on last 14 days of data

Returned Object Example

            "RowsReturned": 1,
            "Data": [
                   "median_wakeup_time": "2015-01-24T22:00:00.000Z"
            "Error": false,
            "ErrorDesc": null,
            "ErrorCode": null

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