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Instantiate a Lifecare service. A new user will be created on Lifecare if user is not found in the current database.

End Point

    POST https://www.lifecare.sg/mlifecare/partners/instantiate


Key Type Description Example Defined Required
ThirdPartyId String Partner's system User ID telco-user-001 --
EnterpriseId String Partners' unique ID assigned by Lifecare. AAAAAAA-BBBBBBBB-CCCCCCCC --
ModuleId String Unique ID of the service the user subscribed. b19823798we29j38j8wejs --

Returned Success Object

Data Type Description
{serviceName} for {thirdPartyId} has been activated. {thirdPartyId} user account currently {exists}. New user account {created} success Service has been activated for partner's user. If the account exists in Lifecare database, it will not be created. Otherwise, a new Lifecare user account will be created.

Returned Success Object Example

            "Data" : "{serviceName} for {thirdPartyId} has been activated. {thirdPartyId} user account currently {exists}. New user account {created}"
            "Error" : false
            "ErrorCode" : null
            "ErrorDesc" : null
            "RowsReturned" : null

Returned Error Object

ErrorDesc Type Description
Service exists. error Lifecare service has already been instantiated for the user.
Instantiation did not complete fully error Error in creating a user account. Contact Lifecare
Parameters Required error Required parameters above are not fulfilled correctly
Enterprise IDs does not match error Enterprise ID passed in is not accurate, are you authorized?

Returned Error Object Example

            "Data" : null
            "Error" : true
            "ErrorCode" : 500
            "ErrorDesc" : "Parameters Required"
            "RowsReturned" : null

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