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About Us


Lifecare is the result of a team of dedicated professionals with a desire to make good use of technology to empower our seniors to live independently. With our parents' advancing years, how do we ensure their well-being at all time as, often, we are too tied up to our busy schedules, at work, at home, social activities and so on. And how do we attend to their needs in the event of emergency or incidents that require immediate attention?

At Lifecare we strongly believe that digital technologies provide us with a game changing toolbox to address several social challenges in our society and empower people. We adopt technology that can help to bring you close to your elder parents even when you are physically miles away.


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  • Gateway and sensors of lifecare monitoring system
    Phase Two Expansion

    Revamped Lifecare hardware components – more cost effective, easier to scale and much improved reliability


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    Collaborations and Partnerships

    More than 100 Lifecare systems trial in Bedok/Marine Parade in a collaboration with SMU-TCS for SHINESeniors programme

  • Lifecare monitoring system launched in Singapore Smart Nation Smart Home Programme with Singtel
    Lifecare in Smart Nation

    Commercially launched Lifecare with Singtel in Government-led Smart Nation Smart Homes Programme


  • Live demonstration of Lifecare monitoring system in Singapore National Day Rally to PM Lee


    Proud moment for Lifecare

    Lifecare SEMAS featured in National Day Rally to country leaders

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    Our very first home trials

    Very first SEMAS home trials in Woodlands as part of HDB-SPRING led pull-cord replacement program


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    Our Humble Beginnings

    Birth of Smart Elderly Monitoring & Alert System (SEMAS)


Globally, the growing number of elderly people is a defining issue of our time. United Nations estimated the population of older people growing faster than all other age groups. For the first time ever, people over 65 now outnumber children under 5. As the world ages – by 2050, one in six people will be over the age of 65 – this "ageing in place" is going to be a key to easing the pressure on governments and societies to look after its elderly. And technology is going to be at the crux of the solution, so it is time for us to take a moment to think if we have done enough to ensure our elder parents are living well and staying healthy.


We cannot stop the clock from ticking, everyone ages. We have a vision of a world where advancing years do not affect our independence and we can hold off interventions from the care system for as long as we can. We set out to encourage people and societies to stay close, in touch with our loved ones especially our seniors regardless of distance that keep us apart and make use of good technology to create a more inclusive society.

WhyChoose Us

Unlike alternatives, in Lifecare we believe in non-intrusiveness and non-evasiveness of technology. We create products and solutions that address the needs of seniors, yet we don't want to break into their privacy and comfort zones. We put utmost emphasize on security and reliability of our technology and we opt for technology that is simple to understand, simple to use and affordable - remember aging is a lifelong process, we don't just address current needs, but years down the road!