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Emergency & Response

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Emergency & Response
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What is Lifecare Alert?

Lifecare Alert comes with a wearable panic button that allows the elderly person to seek for help at the touch of a button in emergency situations, such as when they feel unwell, fall or injured themselves. Alert panic button can be worn at all times and with average battery lifespan of one-year, these flexibility factors make panic-button devices more helpful than cell phones when emergencies occur. Often in emergency situation where airway constricts, or one loses consciousness, calling 995 or family member won’t lie within the realm of possibility, thus a panic button offers peace of mind to both you and your elder folks life living alone.

Emergency Alert & Response

When the panic button is pressed, alert messages will be sent out immediately and simultaneously to up to eight caregivers and family members. You might be busy at work or attending to other pressing matters when the emergency happens, Lifecare smart alerting will keep on sending the alerts until one of the recipients responded to the alert.

Smart Alerting

Alerting rules are customizable. You can choose to turn on/off the rule when not required or to allow activation for certain time of the day only, to avoid unnecessary triggering. Reminder alerts can be set to keep reminding you until it’s acknowledged.

Alerting are sent in form of in-application notifications, SMS as well as voice call depending on service subscription.

Alert Notifications & Escalation

Lifecare sends out alert immediately and simultaneously to all caregivers and family members. At the same time, automated voice call* will be activated to get the response from the elderly. Family member can also make a call to the elderly to confirm the situation before activating 24/7 call center* to take necessary actions.


Each Lifecare Gateway can support up to 24 sensors and devices. You could add another panic button with wall-mount bracket in the bedroom and another in the bathroom and so on. Lifecare adopts open Bluetooth and Wifi standards and this allows Lifecare to work with wide range of devices that could potentially be useful to you. Check out our other products and see how it can benefit you.

Features & Benefits

Lifecare Alert Kit

Mini Gateway

Gateway serves as the bridge, to connect sensors and devices such as panic button to the Internet. Mini Gateway connects to Lifecare server through your home Wifi router.

Easy Setup

Plug into USB adapter and setup Wifi through Lifecare App and you are set to go.

Panic Button

Lightweight, small, portable, battery operated and splash proof panic button with long range coverage ensure wireless signal can reach every part of your house.

Long battery life

On normal usage, panic button battery can last at least one year of operation. When low-batt is detected, alerts will appear in Lifecare app.

Panic Button Wall-Mount Bracket

Panic button can be inserted into this optional wall-mount bracket and you can have additional panic enabled button fixed onto the wall at different part of the house such as toilet and bedroom.

Easy Setup

Just peel off the double-sided tape and stick it to the wall. Insert panic button and it is ready to be used!

Mobile App

Scan to download our Lifecare mobile app! Available on App Store and Google Play.