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Lifecare Alert

Lifecare Alert

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Are you worried about the safety of your aging family members while they’re sleeping or taking a bath? Don’t be.

Lifecare Alert comes with a wearable panic button that allows the elderly person to seek for help at the touch of a button in emergency situations, such as when they feel unwell, fall or injured themselves. Alert panic button can be worn at all times and with average battery lifespan of one-year, these flexibility factors make panic-button devices more helpful than cell phones when emergencies occur. Often in emergency situation where airway constricts, or one loses consciousness, calling 995 or family member won’t lie within the realm of possibility, thus a panic button offers peace of mind to both you and your elder folks life living alone.

How It Works

When the panic button is pressed, alert messages will be sent out immediately and simultaneously to up to four caregivers and/or family members. You might be busy at work or attending to other pressing matters when the emergency happens, Lifecare smart alerting will keep on sending the alerts until one of the recipients responded to the alert.

What Is Included

1x Panic Button

1x Mini Gateway

Wall-mount Panic Button